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Stacks Case Study

When I first started working with Kristin, she knew she didn’t want to spend the next 10 years struggling to grow her SaaS company without a clear strategy of an exit. 

The Brief

Create a growth strategy through a joint venture partnership that would give Stacks the ability to leverage the resources, man power and customers of an established publishing conglomerate. 

The Work

  1. Position and showcase the technology that Stacks had developed as the only viable software solution. 

  2. Structure a partnership that protects Stacks IP and the founders autonomous, whilst giving an opportunity to leverage the publishers resources, people and customers. 

  3. To find allies to champ the potential of the partnership and seed conversations about the benefit of acquiring Stacks vs revenue share. 


Stacks was able to negotiate a favourable joint venture partnership that enabled them to leverage the resources, people and customer base and quickly take the Stacks technology to market, experiencing rapid growth. 

The growth exceeded initial KPIs for the partnership and Kristin was able to identify key allies within the publisher who championed Stacks and started talking about what a potential longer term partnership could look like.

3 years after winning the partnership with the publisher, Stacks was acquired by the publisher. 

From Overwhelm And Burnout To Increased Revenue, Productivity And Taking Month-Long Vacations

Meet Jesper,  founding partner and employee #2 at a high growth healthcare SaaS that has grown to 133 employees.

Jesper shares how he went from being the lead product dev to leading a large team of developers and driving strategy and spending his days bouncing from meetings and barely having any free time. He felt overwhelmed, burnt out, and unhappy and was considering leaving the startup that he helped to build.

Since March 2020 Jesper has completely restructured how he is working and has decreased meeting time by 50%! He is now working less, doing more high-value work (that he enjoys), and has discovered a fresh vision and passion for the business with an estimated ROI of up to €1,000,000 in additional revenue!

At the time of the recording, Jesper is actually on a month-long vacation with his girlfriend as all his schedule is clear until September!

Send Owl Case Study

When I first met George he was working 16+ hour days and was super stressed out. He loved traveling and meeting new people but he was trapped working and his business had literally taken over his life. 

The Brief

Build processes and systems and a fully remote team so George can remove himself from the day-to-day operations and get his life back! 

The Work

  1. We documented every process in the business and turned each process into SOPs and systems.

  2. We identified specific gaps in delivery and created a strategic recruitment drive.

  3. We  identified what the best use of George's time was and delegated all non-income producing activity to new hires. 


George has since cut his work schedule in half and now takes a more hands off, strategic role, thinking about new ways to grow the business and improve customer experience. 

  • George is no longer the bottle neck and the business is scaling. 

  • George is able to invest more time to income producing activities (he was able to fly to New York and sign up a large enterprise client). 

  • SendOwl is now better positioned as a saleable asset now that the business is not reliant on the owner. 

BookedIn Case Study & Interview

When Mike first met Luke he was looking for guidance on how to reignite growth at BookedIn. The business was experiencing flat growth and Mike and his team were struggling to know what to do next. 

The Brief 

Help Mike get fresh vision for BookedIn and implement a growth strategy to grow the business over the next 12 months. 

The Work

  1. We developed a new vision and company culture and an ambitious growth strategy to 2x revenue in the next 12 months. 

  2. We did a growth audit and identified the areas of strength, weakness, opportunities and growth. 

  3. The growth audit highlighted sales and marketing as both a big area of weakness and opportunity for growth.


After implementing the changes we identified in the growth audit BookedIn had record breaking sales months and accelerated MRR growth significantly. 

  • Hired a media buying agency to optimise their Facebook and Google Ads conversions. 

  • Hired two full time internal team members in the marketing department.

  • BookedIn now has a clear vision and strategy to produce consistent and sustainable MRR growth. 

Media Maven Merger With $300m Fund

In this short video, Kenny Stevens shares how Luke helped to value, package and guide Media Maven through a lucrative merger with a private equity fund. Since Kenny recorded this video, he said the business is thriving and taking on new clients and the team is growing rapidly.